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Here at DCMT Installations, we offer the complete garage door service to homeowners across West Wales. With a range of garage door types to choose from, in different colours, materials, and operational mechanisms, you can have the security and style your home deserves. We will consult with you and even bring material samples for you to see personally so that you can make the right choice about your new garage door installation.

Whether you are looking for roller doors, up and over doors, or sectional garage door installation, we are always on hand to offer a free consultation and quotation. Call 07796 138335 or email us on

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You don't have to have a new garage door…

Often it is easier and less expensive to repair your existing one. If the garage door you have is still serviceable, we can repair it for you. There are many aspects to garage door repair that we can perform.

Panel replacement

Damaged panels can compromise the appearance and functionality of the garage door overall, and often deteriorate through wear and tear. We can replace individual panels to restore the door's integrity for you.

Roller replacement

Garage door rollers can wear out over time, causing the door to operate unevenly. We usually have the parts on hand and can replace worn or damaged rollers in straightforward manner.

Locking mechanisms

The opening devices on garage doors often experience malfunctions or failure. We will diagnose and repair issues with the mechanism or can replace it without needing to replace the whole door.

Cable replacement

Cables are essential components that work with the springs to ensure smooth door operation. We will ensure all cables are working correctly, and can repair or replace any damaged cables.

Track alignment and repair

It is very common for the tracks to become misaligned or damaged, and this can affect the door's movement. As part of our service for repairing garage doors in Carmarthen, our specialists can realign or repair the tracks as needed.

Spring replacement

Garage door springs are crucial for counterbalancing the weight of the door. Our specialists can replace broken or worn-out springs safely and effectively.





Home installation services

We can install garage doors for all kinds of home, giving you security, peace of mind, and a great looking front to your home. We perform sectional garage door installation as well as roller doors and up and over designs, so you can have the type of garage door that best suits your home.

We also install electric gates to a high standard, giving added security and style to your residence, and giving a physical barrier against any intrusion. If you are interested in installing a gate to your property, view our electric gates service and book a consultation with us if you are interested.

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When you contact us, we can have a chat over the phone (or through email) about what you want. From there we can visit you in person and assess the situation. For simple repairs we can often quote straight away and return promptly with the necessary parts to complete the repair.

For new or replacement garage doors, we will measure up and help you choose a suitable type and material, before putting together a quote for you to consider. Once you agree to the work, we will arrange a time and date, and return with the door itself to install for you.

Whether you require roller doors, up and over, or sectional garage door installation, our installers will complete the work to the highest levels of craftsmanship, so your garage door will provide style and security in your residence for many years to come.