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DCMT Installations are experienced and accomplished specialists in garage door installation, repair, and replacements. We install garage doors in Carmarthen and across West Wales, and cater to domestic, commercial and industrial clients. We will make sure your garage door installation is secure, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. We also install electric gates, entrance and exit barriers, and loading bay technology, and work with all manufacturers of garage doors.

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Keep Your Property Safe

If you are looking for garage doors in Carmarthen, contact DCMT on 07796 138335 for a free, no-obligation quote.

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What we can do for you

Residential garage doors

We install a wide range of garage doors for domestic settings, including sectional garage doors, up and over doors, and roller doors, that will make your home look beautiful.

Commercial and industrial doors

We can install a range of commercial sliding doors to industrial units, workshops, and retail units, giving security, improved aesthetics, and convenience for you and your staff.

Electric gates

We can install automated gates for both commercial and residential property, giving you ease of entry, while presenting a secure and safe barrier for intruders.

Entrance / exit barriers

If your industrial or commercial premises needs to control the inflow and outflow of vehicular traffic, we can install access barriers for car parks and company premises.

Loading bay technology

If you are running a depot or loading area, we have the capability and technology to make the loading and delivery process run smoothly.





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Why come to DCMT Installations?


We have 14 years of experience in the trade already, in both repair, replacement, and new garage door installations, and have been in business fitting garage doors in Carmarthen for several years.


We install all types and aspects of garage doors, including industrial, commercial and residential doors. Whether you need roller doors, sectional garage door installation, or up-and-over doors, we will make sure your garage doors work as they should.

On your side

If you have a faulty garage door, we will always look to repair rather than replace, and help you find the most cost-effective solution. We have a superb track record of repairing garage doors in Carmarthen.

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Where we serve

We serve across West Wales, including Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion. We also cater to clients in West Glamorgan, depending on the installation required.

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Residential garage doors

repairs, maintenance, and fitting

At DCMT, every client is different, and every garage door has different challenges. Particularly for existing garage doors that require repairs, a rounded approach from a knowledgeable garage door specialist is required. Assessing the repairs that need to be complete, alongside finding the source and cause of damage, will enable us to make cost-effective repairs, and you to have reliable garage doors for many years to come.

How it works for you

If a new garage door is necessary, we will consult with you on what style and materials you prefer, and bring samples for an in-person consultation, so you can make an informed choice about which garage door you would like. From there we will arrange a quote for you to consider, and once it is agreed, we will order in the door itself and arrange a time for the full installation.

Every door is different. Find out more about your garage door options today with DCMT.





inside industrial warehouse line of garage doors and loading bays with yellow bars

Industrial and commercial service doors

We provide garage doors in Carmarthen and across West Wales for businesses, warehouses, industrial depots and retail units. Our door installation provides maximum security, and we will complete the installation on time, on budget, and as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Give us a call on 07796 138335 or email us here, to arrange a consultation and quote.