We can install automated gates for both commercial and residential property, giving you ease of entry, while presenting a secure and safe barrier for intruders. Your gate can be customised to the aesthetics of your home, and in a range of styles and colours. Whether you are looking for a traditional iron gate or something sleek and modern, we can install it for you.

Electric gates provide an additional layer of privacy by restricting the view into the property. This increased privacy can prevent potential burglars from assessing the property and its vulnerabilities.



Increased security and privacy

Our electric gates provide a controlled access point, allowing homeowners to regulate entry to their property. Entry can be restricted to authorised individuals through the use of keypads, remote controls, intercoms, or smartphone applications. The presence of electric gates also acts as a visual deterrent to potential intruders, making it less likely for individuals to attempt breaking into the property. The perceived difficulty of breaching a secured gate contributes to the overall security of the home.

black electric entry gates to private house drive







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